Listening Biennial 2023

The Listening Biennial, an International festival of sound art and listening practice, comes to Glasgow, running at Listen Gallery from 6 July - 8 August 2023. Now in it’s second edition, the festival features a month-long programme of Sound and Listening events from local and international artists, including talks, workshops, listening sessions and experimental occurrences working in the realms of sound, voice and listening.

As an exhibition and program of events, The Listening Biennial is facilitated through a network of participating institutions, spaces and collectives, each of which support the presentation of the Biennial across a range of sites. From its inception, the Biennial has been developed following a decentralized structure so as to nurture a greater sense for listening as what may support transcultural exchange and sharing.

From Buenos Aires to Istanbul, Berlin to Manila, the Biennial searches for ways to foster links and connections, where the same commissioned audio works are shared and presented at participating venues over the same period and through diverse modes, including performance events, exhibition installations, listening sessions, radio transmissions and workshops. For the second edition of The Listening Biennial this takes shape through the presentation of 34 participating artists across 30 locations, which includes local programs of events and encounters.

Through such an approach, the Biennial wishes to engage areas of concern within the arts while inviting artists to reflect upon the role listening plays in their process and work, as well as across societal contexts.

The Listening Biennial Glasgow will be hosted in and around Listen Gallery in Glasgow’s East End, curated by Riah Naief and Genni Meikleham. With the International programme curated by Luísa Santos, Dayang Yraola, Guely Morato and Rayya Badran. Listening Biennial Website 

Participating Artists


Martin Steuck / Lorenzo Tebano / Beth Malcolm / Clara Hancock / Joseph C / Olesya Ilenok / Andrey Chugunov / joshua elza breen-tucci / Colin Herd / Bobby Jewell / Alison Scott / Caitlin MacKenzie


Nicolás Kisic Aguirre / Rouzbeh Akhbari / Ayọ̀ Akínwándé / Yar Asmar / Aya Atoui / Teresa Barrozo / Ariel Bustamante / Alejandra Canelas / Lucia Herbas Cordero / Silvia River Cusicanqui / Tara Fatehi with Pouya Ehsaei / Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti / Victor Mazón Gardoqui / Sara Hamdy / Abdellah M. Hassa / Hasan Hujairi / Igor Jesus / Jason Kahn / Dirar Kalash / Arendse Krabbe / Landra (Sara Rodrigues with Rodrig Camacho) / Yolanda Mamani Mamani / mamoru / Sary Moussa / Arnont Nongyao / Ayumi Paul / Planetary Listening / Bernardo Rozzo / Griselda Sánchez / Alexandre St-Onge / The Observatory / Zorka Wollny

Photo Credits: Genni Meikleham (